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Caramel Blondes FTW

Swooning over these beautiful caramel hair color creations by our stylists at Honeycomb Salon in Corvallis Oregon! Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

This first color was created by our hair stylist, Mallory Gilstrap. Mallory is an expert in all things hair color, and if you've followed her on social media (You should definitely follow her on social media! Her instagram is you know that she specializes in balayage. Balayage is a technique of free hand painting that can used to create custom results for our clients that tend to blend better and be less maintenance than traditional foiling techniques. Mallory used balayage techniques to create this caramel hair color on our beautiful guest. We love how the color comes up higher around her face in the front, which mimics what the sun would naturally do. Mallory used a color glaze on this client at the shampoo bowl to neutralize excess warmth and to achieve that perfect caramel hair color.

Our next caramel hair color to feature is this gorgeous look by Honeycomb Salon owner, Alicia Brown (@alicia.the.alchemist). This look was created by applying a permanent color to the client's base and a semi permanent color through the ends. The permanent color offers more coverage (for those unwanted greys) and the semi permanent is a more gentle and balancing color to use over previously lightened hair. This guest likes to play with her hair color and do a variety of darker and lighter looks, so our gentle semi permanent hair color allows for easier change. Something we love about our permanent hair color (for those who love commitment or want full grey coverage) is that it is ammonia free. This means there is no odor to our hair color! No chemical smell to incriminate you when you go back home or to the office :)

We think the smile says it all! Clients often feel like this after an appointment with our incredible stylist, Corinne McGovern ( Corinne is a hair color angel, and she's known at Honeycomb as the Queen of Foiling. Seriously, we could watch her foil all day, it's therapeutic. This caramel hair color has some really bright pops of blonde but they're so well blended and perfectly placed so it isn't an overwhelming high maintenance blonde. The neutral tonality is created with a toner that Corinne applied at the shampoo bowl to remove excess warmth in the hair exposed during the lightening process. Corinne styled the hair with Pureology products which protect your hair color investment with the Anti Fade Complex.

Another gorgeous color created by Mallory Gilstrap. Something about this warm caramel color and a plaid shirt have us reminiscing of Fall... remember how wonderful Corvallis is in the Fall? Anyway! This caramel color is a favorite of ours because of the seamless blend created by Mallory's balayage technique. This hair color is going to be very low maintenance for our client. We do recommend an appointment every few months with your stylist to reapply a glaze which will bring your hair color back to looking salon fresh. The appointment is usually less than a hour and less than $70! Did we mention we offer complimentary coffee, tea, wine, beer, champagne, and mimosa? A glaze appointment every few months is good for the hair and the soul.

One more caramel hair color to feature today! This beautiful subtle caramel was created by Alicia Brown. This color is an excellent example on improving up what's already beautiful. This client had natural sunkissed highlights and Alicia used a foilyage (a balayage technique that uses foiling that isolate sections) technique to bring more contrast while still offering a low maintenance hair caramel hair color. We love a bright platinum blonde, but a beautiful caramel hair color deserves it's day too! We do a lot of caramel hair color at Honeycomb because we love the shine that is still present in the hair at these darker blonde levels and our clients love that we can offer a dimensional hair color is is still low maintenance! Check out more of our beautiful color creations on our Instagram page,, and make sure to follow our amazing stylists too! If you're ready to make a hair color change or you just want to book a consult to discuss options, click our online booking link at


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