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Honeycomb stylist, Jackie, at our Downtown Corvallis location



Our mission at Honeycomb is to do good. To be good to our guests, our staff, our environment, and our community.

We believe that when a hairdresser creates a new look for their guest, they are doing much more than just changing the outward appearance. Beauty is only skin deep, but giving someone the gift of feeling beautiful on the outside can facilitate a change on the inside that we are honored to witness. Our standard is that every guest leaves feeling beautiful.
But we want to do even more than what you expect us to do with shears and a comb. We are creating a salon that takes care of our environment. We have found a better, more progressive way to handle the waste created during a hair service. By repurposing all waste, including hair clippings and chemical waste, we will be diverting hazardous materials once destined for our landfills and waterways.

We are excited to invent this space where we will arm our hairdressers with the best advanced education and training in the industry and allow their creativity to run wild.

Artistic Director,

Alicia Brown

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