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Honeycomb Salon in Corvallis, Oregon hosts individual and group breathwork sessions by Alicia Brown in Corvallis as well as remotely. Alicia is a certified breathwork teachers as well as a graduate of Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica. Her gifts of intuition, knowledge, and empathy bring a gentleness and effectiveness to her sessions. 

Breathwork is a transformative experience that involves breathing exercises designed to activate your nervous system in ways that allow trauma and old energy to be released. Breathwork is used by CEOs, Navy Seals, Athletes, and yoga masters, for good reason. There are countless mental, emotional, and physical effects of breathwork, including improved blood flow, reducing inflammation, flushing toxins, increased energy, healing old trauma, improved sleep, improved digestion, alkalizing blood pH, releasing subconscious blocks, aiding in creating new neural pathways, relieving anxiety and depression, and more. Studies on breathwork have shown it to be especially helpful in treating PTSD, depression, and ADD. 


Breathwork is a conscious and active meditative practice that aids in clearing out stored energy, trauma, and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. This individual Breathwork session consists of a guided up-regulating breath to activate the sympathetic nervous system for benefits including relief in anxiety, depression, restlessness, inflammation in the body, extreme fatigue, chronic pain, and more.


Bring a friend, or friends, with you to a private session. 
2 - 6 people, $60
 per person. 

To book a private session, click here to book online, or call Honeycomb Salon at (541) 752-0848


Reserve your space in one of our community group sessions for a transformative experience. These sessions are facilitated by both of our certified Breathwork teachers, Alicia Brown and Andi Scarbrough, and are open to all levels of experience. These sessions are approximately two hours in length and include intuitive acrd readings, journaling time, and a meditative sound bath in addition to breathwork.

Click here to join one of our community Breathwork and Sound Bath gatherings.

If you are interested in booking Alicia Brown for a remote session or workshop, please email us at and we'd be happy to assist you. 

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