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Curls Encouraged - Service Spotlight

Gone are the days of driving from Corvallis to Portland to get a great hair cut for curly hair! Our stylists Brittni and Mallory have immersed themselves in understanding and working with curly hair. Cutting practices widely used by stylists for less textured hair types don't support the unique needs of curly hair clients. Cutting curly hair requires an additional skill set that these two ladies have put in the leg work to master. Did you know that curly hair tends to lack moisture? Did you know that curly hair is prone to uneven porosity because of the stress to the hair that a curl's bend causes. This can lead to frizz and flyaways, breakage, and an uneven curl pattern. Our Curls Encouraged Haircut addresses the specific needs of curly hair by utilizing dedicated cutting techniques and products that work with your curly hair instead of against it. During your Curls Encouraged Haircut you'll learn from Brittni or Mallory how to easily style your curly hair at home so that your curl is defined, even, and healthy. This service is much more than just a haircut, it's like a therapy session for your curls.

Check out this before and after from a Curls Encouraged haircut with our stylist Brittni Rugebregt. These curls were brought back to life! Brittni and Mallory also offer a Curls Encouraged Styling service for when a haircut isn't needed but your curls need some TLC. This time can be used to help teach you how to work with your curls at home too! To reserve your Curls Encouraged service with Brittni or Mallory go to


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