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Before and Afters we love!

There's something so satisfying about a great transformation delivered in a before-and-after picture! These are some of our favorite before-and-afters done by our wildly talented stylists at Honeycomb Salon in Corvallis, Oregon!

Back to her roots <3. Our stylist Mallory Gilstrap (@mallorygilstrap) brought her client back to her natural level of darkness. We love the dimension that Mallory was able to add to this tint back to natural. Did you know that going from Blonde to Dark can be more challenging than Dark to Blonde in many ways? It's not as simple as just picking a color and putting it on the hair. When hair has been lightened it has been depleted of it's natural warmth, so coloring back to a darker shade can actually look drab, muddy, and matte. But have no fear, stylists like Mallory know how to get you back to dark beautifully. This depth, dimension, and richness of the color is a representation of Mallory's talent in coloring.

Chop chop and a splash of pink. This before-and-after is compliments of Honeycomb Salon owner Alicia Brown (@alicia.the.alchemist). This haircut length was a really fun change for this client. Side note, did you know that all the hair cut off during your hair appointment at Honeycomb Salon is sent to a company that creates hair mats to absorb oil spills in our waterways! Back on track - Alicia balayaged this client's hair to create lighter pieces for the blush pink color to shine on. This soft pink color can even be maintained at home with our Viral shampoo. Make sure to follow up with a deep conditioner to replenish lost moisture and protein which can happen when playing with color.

Another one of our favorite hair cut and color before and afters! This before-and-after was also created by Mallory Gilstrap. This new length is so flattering (Make sure to check out our previous post, Mid-Length Hair, Don't Care for most mid-length haircut inspiration!) and that fresh blonde is just the icing on the cake. It's amazing what a few hours in the salon can do. Imagine coming into the salon in the early afternoon, drinking your mimosa, sitting by the windows overlooking Downtown Corvallis, listening to good music, enjoying a scalp massage at the shampoo bowl and emerging two hours later with a fresh look that you love! You can make an appointment for that! :)

So many great hair cut transformations, but we have to share this transformation adding length too! Alicia Brown used Hand Tied Extensions to add 18.5" inches of length to this client. Honeycomb Salon offers four different methods of hair extensions including I-Tip, Tape-In, Fusion, and of course, Hand Tied Wefts. We believe in offering different methods so that we have a solution for every challenge. Whether you're just wanting a pop of color, or you're wanting to add dramatic length, or density to thinning hair, we have a method of extensions for you. Transformations via extensions are some of our favorite because of the instant confidence and happiness our guests experience in just a few short hours.

Talk about a color transformation! Go big or go home. This dark to platinum transformation also took place in Alicia Brown's chair. Two lightening sessions in one day got Alicia and her client to their desired platinum level. Alicia always recommends deep conditioning treatments in between each lightening session to restore protein and moisture to the hair. She also used Redken pH Bonder with her color during the process which is a bond protector. i.e. Insurance policy for your hair when doing big transformations or coloring over previously color hair and hair prone to breakage. Check out more of our stylists' before-and-afters on our Instagram page, To reserve an appointment with one of our stylists at Honeycomb Salon visit or website or give us a call at (541) 752-0848.


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