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Beauty Teacher's
In-Service Day

The beauty industry hangs like a mighty bridge that connects people to their most vibrant self expression— but that whole thing would collapse if it weren’t for some often overlooked members of this field, as integral as the bolts that hold together the bridge.

The Wisdom Keepers of the beauty industry— the ones who foster knowledge to those just beginning their journey— who navigate everything from how to wrap a perm to how to pass state board exams. These tireless givers are true alchemists, birthing new beauty professionals out into the world to go on and achieve great things while they stay and welcome in a whole new class of folks who will have be be supported while they develop the hand and feet muscles to stand in this industry on their own.

"Maybe it’s a small town thing, but for years I would back and visit my beauty school crew. Each time, my instructor Ms. D would cry and tell me how much it meant that I came back to visit— how no one really ever did— but how she followed all of our careers and celebrated our main-stage wins from her little office." -Andi Scarbrough, co facilitator a Honeycomb beauty alchemist.

We’ve been thinking a lot about how to serve the beauty industry — to really give back from a heart centered place. And yeah, we’ll keep offering technical and business and magical/psycho emotional support— but when we really examined where the need was, we thought of our beauty school teachers. You all are the reason are here to we shine and you deserve oceans of love and gratitude for the sacred space you hold.

This one’s for you, beauty school teachers. 

Join us April 24th at Honeycomb Corvallis

10-5pm for an experiential day of personal care, upliftment, and skill sharing. We’ll be exploring holistic modalities to support you in supporting your students, conversation skills for holding space neutrally, and tools for burnout treatment and prevention.  

Facilitated by Alicia Brown, Andi Scarbrough, and Michelle Patton of Honeycomb.

Admittance is donatIon based.  Space is limited. Please RSVP. 

60 min lunch break provided. Location within walking distance to local restaurants.

Michelle Patton, Andi Scarbrough, and Alicia Brown
Co-Facilitators, beauty alchemists

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