Hair extensions may be used to add length, density, or color to your hair. We offer four different application methods including Tape In, Fusion, I-Tip, and Hand Tied Weft hair extensions. Our extension artists have received advanced education to ensure a beautiful and comfortable application. 
During your complimentary consultation we will go over your goals with extensions, the best application methods for your desired result and lifestyle, maintenance, price, and get you color matched.

Extensions can add:
Length! We offer 12 - 22 inches. Not everyone wants dramatic length, and we get that! Extensions are wonderful for adding a little bit of length to a haircut that you're growing out. You don't need to be stuck in the awkward in-between stage anymore!
Density! Extensions are wonderful at adding fullness and density to fine hair. When adding density, it doesn't take much to get a big result, so these applications are quick and affordable!
Color! We can safely and easily add a pop of fun color (Pinks, purples, silvers, blues, etc.) or even get you to a brighter blonde without compromising the integrity of your natural hair! After an extension installation, our guests almost always get the comment that their color looks fresh!


The financial investment for extensions varies greatly depending on if we're adding length (and how much length), density, color, or all three! There are some installations that are under $100 and some that are upward of $1000. This is why we offer complimentary consultations. We want to find the perfect method for you that matches your lifestyle and budget. 
All initial extension installation costs include purchasing the actual hair. When proper care is used at home, your hair extensions may be able to be reused for up to a year which make your maintenance appointments more affordable!
Choosing an Extension Artist
With extensions becoming increasingly popular, it's important to make sure your extension artist has received proper training and uses application methods that aren't damaging to your natural hair. It's also very important that the actual hair that your artist uses is of the highest quality. 
We know what an investment extensions are for you and we're dedicated to providing our extension artists with the best training and products.
The hair we use is all 100% human hair (which means you can wash it, blowdry, curl, and flat iron as usual), Remy (the cuticle of your extensions is all laying the same way to avoid tangling and damage as you style), and our wefts have a consistent density from top to bottom so you're getting a beautiful and full result even with long lengths.
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